Feet In Food

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Welcome to feetinfood.com! We started this site because we love the image of female feet covered in delicious food. And we know that you would just lick it all off a beautiful girls feet. If you're like us, and this is your fantasy, then you have found the ultimate foot fetish site. This site will be completely dedicated to beautiful woman's feet covered in food forever!

Here at feetinfood.com we welcome your feedback and suggestions and we'll do our best to bring your foot fantasy to life! Your membership will help to make this site bigger and better and keep it going for years to cum! So please join if you're a fan of female feet dripping with tasty food! Thanks for stopping by and please check back often to see the latest updates.

This site will be updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from here on out!!!

SEE! The stunningly hot Kim stomp some doughnuts to hell!

SEE! The voluptuous Kristi get her feet wet in some cherry pie!

SEE! The adorable Candace TOEtally destroy her picnic lunch!

SEE! The oh so very hot Amanda go toe to toe with the Colonel!

SEE! The sensuous Cheri's toes go nuts on some doughnuts!

SEE! The amazing Amber destroy a cheese danish just using her toes!

SEE! The lovely young Sara making you cookies with her feet! Look ma, no hands!

SEE! The sexy Jessica serving up a hot slice of pizza on her even hotter feet!

SEE! The seductive Cali Ford's feet covered in chocolate pie!

SEE! The erotic Brandy Talore's beautiful bare feet!

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll splooge in your eye!

Pictures so real you'll feel like you're inside them!

More pictures per gallery than you have time to look at!

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